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COMPKART, born with the premise of competition at the highest level has fused the latest materials alongside specific geometric designs and of course, unmistakable color characteristics to redefine the standard.

The frame is constructed using specified molybdenum steel allowing for traction and compliance in all changing track conditions. The entirely 30mm steel structure is paired with a powerful self-adjusting ventilated braking system allowing for proper chassis kinematics under braking.  The chassis balance is complete with a collection of high-grade magnesium hubs and wheels providing added cornering stability and an increased performance level. 

  • Optional Colors (COMP Black / FLUO Yellow)

  • Optional Materials (Magnesium / Aluminum)



Quality Guaranteed - Designed and Assembled 100% in the USA, COMPKART is crafted step by step with the full understanding that Every element makes a quantifiable difference.  Fit, Finish, and Aesthetics are all mere underlying cornerstones that make ownership and competing on a COMPKART the winning choice

For more information, images and specifications see J3 Competition. 

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